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Inner Resonance has been a vision that I held throughout my life, which became crystal clear in 2019, when I simply knew I wanted to guide others shift from living in fear to living from love.

Through my own profound experiences, I felt called to share with others the power we each hold within to transcend our conditioned beliefs, patterns and behaviors and transform our lives.


To Know Thyself, brings all the confusion into a clarity, that allows us to connect with our dreams/visions and see the path ahead so that we can literally bring our visions to life.

Through reprogramming our subconscious beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors we are able to remove the blockages that keep us in a repetitive cycle. 

Awareness is key - when we are able to see where our energy may be blocked or stuck, we can allow ourselves to illuminate those parts of us that are calling for our attention.  


After my own battle with addiction to Xanax for 20 years, as a result of 9/11, I am living proof that healing is truly possible and it can happen as quickly as we decide to.

When we make a conscious decision to take inspired action, and we deeply care, then anything is possible.



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